the best food have to try when visiting Thailand?

Maybe this article can help you:

Top 10 Thai Food

Thailand’s food is welcome for its profusion of exotic flavors and fragrances. When you walk in Bangkok, these flavors and fragrances will remind you of their special tastes. However, whether it be juicy pieces of grilled pork on a stick or a fiery bowl of ‘Tom Yum’ soup, we all have to start somewhere. And the top 10 selection of Thailand embrace all the typical cuisines.

1.Tom Kha Kai (Chicken in Coconut Soup)

Tom Kha Kai

This iconic soup infuses fiery chilies, thinly sliced young galangal, crushed shallots, stalks of lemongrass and tender strips of chicken. Different from many watery cuisines, lashings of coconut milk will soften its strong peppery taste. With fresh lime leaves topped off, it’s a sweet-smelling mixture, creamy and compelling.

2.Pad Thai (Thai style Fried Noodles)


Pad Thai (Thai style Fried Noodles) is known to the people from Cape Town to Khao San Road. After preparing a searing hot wok, put fistfuls of small, thin-shaped or wide-shaped noodles, crunchy bean sprouts, onion and egg into for several minutes. Of crouse, a quartet of accompanying condiments–fish sauce, sugar, chili powder, and finely ground peanuts, all of which will totally wake the taste.

3.Khao Pad



Thai food is not always spicy, and the first and the main dish in the non-spicy Thai food is Kao (Khao) Pad. If you do not know what to order – order Kao Pad. You can find it on the street in Thailand, at the restaurants and everywhere.

Why Khao Pad is so popular? What can be better, than rice for Asian people, what can be better, than fried rice with a mix of vegetables and meat! Tourists love Kao Pad because it is not spicy, easy to find and easy to pronounce.

You can choose different kinds of Kao Pad in Thailand with chicken, shrimp, pork or vegetarian.

How to ask Kao Pad in Thailand:

  • Kao Pad – just fried rice
  • Kao Pad Kai – fried rice with chicken
  • Kao Pad Goong (Kung) – fried rice with shrimps
  • Kao Pad Moo (it pronounced as Muu) – fried rice with pork

Best Kao Pad must contain little bit onion, garlic, carrot, and egg. Sometimes, in Kao Pad can be added tomato. If you want to add fried egg separated in Thailand– just say, Kai Dao.

Cucumbers and spicy are added to Kao Pand optional.

4.Tom Yum Goong (Spicy Shrimp Soup)


Tom yum or tom yam is a type of hot and sour Thai soup, usually cooked with shrimp (prawn). Tom yum has its origin in Thailand. In recent years, tom yum has been popularised around the world.

The words “tom yam” are derived from two Thai words. Tom refers to the boiling process, while yam refers to a Thai spicy and sour salad. Tom yum is characterized by its distinct hot and sour flavors, with fragrant spices and herbs generously used in the broth. The soup is also made with fresh ingredients such as lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, lime juice, fish sauce, and crushed red chili peppers.

Commercial tom yum paste is made by crushing all the herb ingredients and stir-frying in oil. Seasoning and other preservative ingredients are then added. The paste is bottled or packaged and sold around the world. Tom yum flavored with the paste may have different characteristics from that made with fresh herb ingredients. The soup often includes meats such as chicken, beef, pork, or shrimp.

5.Gaeng Daeng (Red Curry)


This authentic spicy coconut milk based red curry uses homemade red curry paste. Flavored with both fresh and dried spices, kaffir lime leaves and fresh sweet basil leaves it is a harmonious dish with chicken. Finish the cooking with the addition of Fish sauce to taste and serve with steamed jasmine rice.

6.Gaeng Keow Wan Kai (Green Chicken Curry)


One of the signature Thai dishes that almost everyone loves is Thai green curry.  An immaculate blend of green curry paste combined with coconut cream to create a thick curry that goes extremely well with rice.

7.Yam Nua


Yam Nua Yang dish (Spicy Thai Grilled Beef Salad) is one of the most popular appetizer dishes in Thailand and comes from the middle region. The original Yam Nua Yang version would use less or no vegetables and may include dry rice.  Additionally, he advised that the beef may be replaced with chicken fillets, fish fillets or shrimps.

The Yam Nua Yang dish (Spicy Thai Grilled Beef Salad) as per this recipe is quite hot, mild hot if you compare it to the Tom Yum soup I had, but nonetheless, hot!! So if you are not a big fan of spicy food, cut the chili to half. I also added cucumbers to the original recipe the chef gave me as I thought that gives it an added kick

8.Kai Med Ma Muang


Another popular dish is the Kai Med Ma Muang (Chicken with cashew nuts), which is a winner among many tourists visiting Thailand. With its contrasting textures and balance of hot and sweet, it’s no wonder this is just another must-try dish not just in Thailand, but in Asia, as well.

9.Som Tum


A popular Thai dish that showcases fresh vegetables is som tum Thai (ส้มตำไทย) or green papaya salad. This is one of our personal favorites and can be found anywhere in Thailand, from restaurants to food stalls.


Som tum Thai is a fantastic raw Thai salad often made of shredded unripe papaya, sliced tomatoes, raw yardlong beans, peanuts, dried mini shrimp, and fresh garlic. Sometimes we find shreds of carrots and green or purple cabbage to add a pop of color.

A sweet, salty, tangy sauce made of sugar, lime juice, and fish sauce completes the dish. It can be easily altered by leaving out an ingredient or two (no shrimp for vegetarians), but don’t be afraid to try it in its original form.

This dish can be served quite spicy. Vendors typically have a bowl of hot chilies to add and the customer can request how many chilies they want. It may take a little coaxing to get the vendors to put in more than one chili for Western customers. We usually get two or three chilies.

The word for chili is prik. If you don’t want any chilies, say, Mai ao prik.” (I don’t want chilies.)

  • Som tum bpoo blpah rah is green papaya salad with whole baby fermented crabs and a pungent fish sauce
  • Som tum talae is seafood papaya salad and often has a mixture of shrimp, baby crab, squid, and mussels
  • Som tum mamuang is green mango salad
  • Som tum khao poht is corn salad
  • Tum daeng is cucumber salad


10.Pad Krapow Moo Saap (Fried Basil and Pork)


An incredibly popular ‘one plate’ dish for lunch or dinner, fried basil and pork is certainly one of the most popular Thai dishes. It is made in a piping hot wok with lots of holy basil leaves, large fresh chilli, pork, green beans, soy sauce and a little sugar. The minced, fatty pork is oily and mixes with the steamed white rice for a lovely fulfilling meal. It is often topped with a fried egg (kai dao) you will most likely be asked if you would like an egg with it. Be aware that most Thai people ask for lots of chilli in this dish so if you are not a fan of tingling lips, ask for you pad krapow ‘a little spicy’.


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