Why is Thailand the most visited country in the world?


I can tell you something according to my experience for traveling. Thailand is a really beautiful country, fully showing tropical exotic breathing.

There are so many accommodations. You can find an excellent hotel on the beaches with swimming pool, ocean viewing, and even Thai style spa and massage. Also, you can find a tent hotel in a resort where close to nature, you will have a chance to feel the fresh air there. Even you can find a luxury personal villa with widening garden and large personal swimming pool; they are not far away from the ocean, you can enjoy a luxury cruise ship. Wow, you might think they are very expensive for experiencing all of them? Absolutely nope.


The Consumption in Thailand is very cheap if you are from the United States or some developed countries. You will find that’s easy to handle all of the fees needed in Thailand, whatever delicious food, souvenirs, activities or other transportation.


Thailand is well-known as “Land of Smiles”. Why? They always give you the warmest, friendliest Smile, if you smile first; even they smile bigger and brighter than you when you smile first. They have the most innocent sense of humor and to be very innocent and gentle. Besides, you can enjoy very beautiful and pleasant scenery! The best way to experience the special Thailand tours is to try a Thailand Tour to experience personally; you will find more interesting Thailand Culture! It is really a warm and exotic country.


When you stay in Thailand, and if you have enough time to have a long-time journey, that’s more convenient for travel around the whole of Southeast Asia. It is cheap and many flights in Bangkok; there are many beaches in Thailand when you finish your trip; nothing is better more than spending leisure time on Beaches!


source: Aileen Song red.

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