The myths surrounding eggs

chicken-egg, References. Eggs are the best protein sources at once and the cheapest, although the current price is soaring ahead of fasting. Behind all that, there are so many myths and facts surrounding the egg that we need to understand in depth. What? It’s no one who does not know of this protein-rich food. Almost everyone had to eat in various delicious dishes, like fried rice, various cakes, noodles, and so forth. So merakyatnya eggs until there are so many myths that circulate in the community about eggs. Some one is right and can be accounted for scientifically, but not least the misconception.

Egg omega3 Adding Intelligence

According to Prof. Ali Khomsan Nutritionist, information that the eggs “to make smart” is not entirely wrong because the content of omega in Omega3 eggs is 15x fold higher than normal eggs. Why is that? No other due to produce eggs rich in Omega3 fatty acid content, even chicken feed petelurnya special. Omega3 fatty acids are very important for intelligence. That is why, very good Omega3 eggs consumed by toddlers. But keep in mind, the intelligence of a child not only influenced by nutritional factors. However, determined by genetic factors and the extent of stimulation given environment. All three of these factors reinforce each other.

Raw Egg / half-baked more nutritious
Not a few people who so believe that eating raw eggs or undercooked eggs can increase their stamina. Their assumption, more fresh raw egg so very good to eat.
Of course this assumption is only a myth. Because the eggs are raw and undercooked eggs that are not yet ready to digest the body. Because the condition of raw or partially cooked, the protein is still very strong bond. Hard body break it down into amino acids to digest it so that the process was going very slow.


Judging from the content of nutrition, egg yolks are better than egg white. All types of protein, cholesterol, fat, vitamin A contained in egg yolk is not owned by the egg white. Also, in the raw condition, egg whites can indeed inhibit the absorption of vitamin A. However, although not as good as the nutritional content of yolk, egg white still consumable, provided cooked.


Chicken eggs are better because it contains a better amino acid and also higher than the domestic chicken and chicken. This is what causes all the nutrients in the kampung chicken eggs can be absorbed by the body better.


All foods containing high protein and low in 100 gram depending on their water content. That is, consume the milk of 100 cc compared to 100 grams of chicken eggs, of course, better nutritional value of chicken eggs. This is because milk contains more water content than the eggs. As an illustration, the milk protein containing about 3%, while the egg is about 12%. In fact, at 100 cc of milk is relatively much more expensive than the 100 grams of egg. Especially when compared with meat. Therefore, eggs constitute the best source of animal protein as well as cheapest.


Quite a few parents who do not allow their children eat eggs every day. They worry because hobby eat eggs, blood cholesterol levels in children increased dramatically and cause disturbance / serious illness. This view is of course wrong, especially when applied to the children of Indonesia. Because the majority of Indonesian children’s diets still not good because it rarely drank milk while eating meat was not necessarily once a week. Now, if the eggs were shunned, it is very possible malnutrition would be a serious problem for future generations.

Egg is a good conditioner

Conditioner was nothing to do with protein and zinc as many products advertised by many shampoo. Lack of protein intake will bring a variety of disorders and hair problems, from hair loss, branched, reddish, easily broken, and so forth. No wonder when people are on a strict diet by limiting the intake of fat and protein, hair fall out so easily. Therefore, consume eggs so healthy and strong hair.

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