Buffalo Market


If you want to visit an authentic buffalo market Thap Than (Uthai Thani) is the place to be. It is about 500 meters before the old cattle flea market.


I find buffalo quite cute. I also wanted to know how much a buffalo costs and what the purpose of a buffalo is. Years ago they were used to pull machines in the rice fields, but I can imagine that nowadays everything is a mechanic.


I spoke to an elder man who bought some buffaloes. He was going to place them on one of the fields he was not used to eating the weeds. If he wouldn’t need them anymore he would resell the buffaloes.


I also spoke with a friendly sales lady and asked the price. She was holding a buffalo which was mediocre of hight (about 1m30). This one she would sell for about 37,000.00 baht. The full-grown large buffalo would cost about 50,000.00 baht.


Yes, It is sad to know some of them will be slaughtered for their meat. But I m not a vegetarian nor a hypocrite, so this is a part of life. But the lucky ones get bought to eat weeds or as an investment to resell when they are full grown.

baby buffalo

Address: Road 3319, Thap Than, Uthai Thani (close to the Nong Ya Plong Cattle Market)

The Buffaloes and cows are sold on Monday and Thursday between 6 am and 9 am.


source: http://www.thailandforfarang.com