Cow Ghee versus Buffalo Ghee – Facts & Benefits of both

Ghee or clarified butter, which is made from milk, has an important role in our daily life. It is considered sacred and is offered to different deities during worship and rituals. It is used for nourishment and healing in Ayurveda and is common for cooking purposes. Currently, India represents the world’s largest producer of buffalo and cow milk and also the biggest consumer of ghee.


Pure cow ghee and buffalo ghee are two different products with different properties. Cow ghee is rich in protein, minerals, vitamins, and calcium whereas buffalo ghee is rich in minerals like phosphorous and magnesium.  Cow ghee is beneficial for healthy bones and teeth whereas buffalo ghee is good for weight gain. Cow ghee can be found all over the world whereas buffalo ghee is found in a few countries of South Asia. Both cow ghee and buffalo ghee are used for cooking, but there is a marked difference in terms of health benefits, properties, and nutritional values. Consumption of cow ghee helps in maintaining healthy bones, improved cardiovascular health, dental health and prevention of thyroid. Consumption of buffalo ghee helps in gaining weight, healthier bones and is used in preparing medicines.


Difference between cow ghee and buffalo ghee

Most of the people use ghee for their daily purpose without knowing the difference between the cow and buffalo ghee. It is very necessary to know about the advantages and disadvantages of this ghee for our healthy life. There are lots of differences between both of this ghee. Some of them are as follows:


  • Colors, one of the factors that differentiate between this two ghee is its color. The color of cow ghee is yellow in color whereas that of buffalo is white in color
  • The quantity of ghee, another difference between cow and buffalo ghee can be seen in its quantity. The amount of ghee extracted from the cream of cow milk is lesser that buffalo. Buffalo Milk is a higher quantity of fat enabled: buffalo milk contains 100% more fat content than cow’s milk.
  • Preserve for a long time, cow ghee cannot be preserved for a longer time due to the less fat contained in its when compared to buffalo ghee.
  • Good for children, when compared to buffalo ghee, cow ghee is good for children to reduce obesity and in protecting from many diseases like thyroid, cardiovascular etc.
  • Improve digestive system, intake of cow ghee helps in strengthening the digestive system than buffalo ghee. A spoon of cow ghee along with a glass of warm milk before to bed helps to improve the digestive system.
  • In term of nutrition, buffalo milk is extremely rich in its calcium content and also it is rich in mineral contents like magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus. In comparison to buffalo milk, cow milk contains a wide range of minerals, proteins, and vitamins along with calcium.

    • In terms of health benefits, buffalo milk contains fat, more calories, a lesser quantity of cholesterol, which results in better health of bones, dental health, and weight gain for underweight people, and improved cardiovascular health because of consumption of ghee of buffalo milk ghee.

    In comparison to buffalo milk, cow milk more cholesterol, lesser quantity if fat in comparison to buffalo milk. Consumption of cow milk made ghee results in maintaining healthy bones, dental health, controlling obesity, improved cardiovascular health, prevention from thyroid diseases, etc.

    • Consumption of buffalo ghee helps in gaining weight whereas moderate consumption of grass-fed cow ghee helps in reducing body weight in a natural holistic day.

    • Consumption of cow ghee is beneficial for improving brain health but this kind o health benefit is not known about buffalo ghee.

    • Cow ghee is used in preparing Ayurvedic medicines about buffalo ghee is not that popular in preparing medicines.

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Cow’s ghee has the following properties: It raises intelligence, Helps in improving memory vigour, increases high-quality and variety of semen, Rejuvenates the epidermis from an inside of and increases its glow, Boosts physique energy, Detoxifies physique, Normalizes vata. (Imbalance of vata motives ailments), raises readability of voice, Normalizes pitta, Nourishes the physique, Improves digestion and increases physique fire, it is very robust in disorders of the eye, Acts as a just right Rasayana, it is the excellent type of fat.

Buffalo’s ghee has following residences: Strengthens the body, Makes you consider healthy, increases equity and glow of epidermis, Normalizes kapha and vata, it is very potent in piles (hemorrhoids), IBS, it’s used in problems of eye