Unique Facts About Buffalo (7)


1. Subspecies of buffalo
The buffalo species (Bubalus bubalis) has three subspecies. Namely: wild buffalo (B. arnee), river buffalo (B. b. Bubalis) and finally buffalo swamp (B. b. Carabauesis). River buffalo originates from South Asia, while swamp buffalo originates from southeast Asia.
2. Buffalo Genome
Swamp buffalo (B. b. Carabauesis) only has 24 pairs of chromosomes while river buffalo (B. b. Bubalis) have 25 pairs of chromosomes, but both sub-species can interbreed and produce fertile offspring.
3. Benefits of Buffalo for Humans
From an economic standpoint, the benefits of buffalo are very numerous, ranging from meat, milk, and skin. Buffalo milk is used for making Mozzarella cheese while buffalo skin is usually used for making shoes, leather puppets, and motorcycle helmets.
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4. The most population of Buffalo
The most buffalo population is in Asia, even nearly 95% of the world’s buffalo population is in Asia.
5. Wild Buffalo
Wild buffalo can be found in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, and Thailand. Wild buffalo have horns that can reach one meter long, which makes wild buffalo rarely preyed on by predatory animals.
6. The population of Wild Buffalo Still Remaining
It is estimated that the population of wild buffaloes reaches 4000, although wild buffalo populations may no longer exist in the wild.
7. The decoration of the buffalo horn
In some tribes of the archipelago, buffalo horns are also usually used for decoration. Not only that, but buffalo horns are also used to make crafts such as a rake, keris upstream, shadow puppets, and cigarette pipes.