Scopus Launches Free Application To Identify Cited Journal Reputation Ranking


Recently, Scopus launched a free application “CiteScore Metrics” which was provided to answer the needs of academics around the world who are looking for a free application system related to ranking or statistics from reputed Scopus indexed journals.

As we know, besides Impact Factor from Thomson Reuters, DIKTI also refers to ranking from Scopus. Therefore, the launch through the application on the website is a new innovation in finding and proving reputable international journals.


What is CiteScore Metrics?

Quoted from its official website, Scopus is proud to introduce CiteScore – a comprehensive, up-to-date and free metric for serial titles in Scopus whether it’s a journal, book, or proceeding.

For members registered on the site will receive an announcement directly from Scopus which contains the following:

A new standard of the impact of the citations/citations journals has come from Scopus. This is motivated to respond to the needs of academics for new metrics that provide a broader and more transparent perspective on the impact of serial quotes on Scopus.


Strengths of CiteScore Metrics


CiteScore metrics are calculated using Scopus data for more than 22,000 titles – peer-reviewed journals, book series, conference proceedings and other journals – in 330 scientific disciplines.


Using Scopus data, CiteScore calculation metrics are simple and easy to replicate.

The latest

CiteScore Tracker shows how CiteScore is running and every month you see the data.


Anyone can access the serial-level metric functions on Scopus and can download the complete CiteScore metric data from at no cost.

How to use CiteScore Metrics

Search or filter to find sources based on scientific disciplines or titles to see new metrics.

Jurnal metric

More detailed reports will appear by clicking on each desired title or name.

journal scopus

To find out what SJR and SNIP can read the following article Tips on How to Check Impact Factor, SJR, and SNIP International Journal.

With the availability of a free application from Scopus, it is easier to find out which reputable international journals are seen from document citations, SJR, and SNIP.