Buffalo Digestibility

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Application of Ammoniation Fermentation Technology Based

Buffalo Cheese Whey Proteins, Identification

Comparison of ruminal fermentation characteristics and microbial

Effect of coconut oil and mangosteen peel supplementation on ruminal

Effect of complete feed block on nutrient utilisation and rumen

Effect of different planes of nutrition on UMMB

Effect of NDF undegradable crude protein ratio on in vivo

Effect of ruminally protected fat on in vitro fermentation

Effect of varying ruminally degradable to ruminally undegradable protein

Effects of energy level and Leucaena leucocephala leaf meal

Evaluation of annual ryegrass straw

Level of crude protein in concentrate supplements influenced rumen

Metagenomic analysis of buffalo rumen

Morphological Characteristics of The Stomach of Swamp Buffalo (Bubalus

Nutrient utilization by varying level ofUMMB

Nutrient utilization from complete feed block

Productive performance, nutrient digestion and metabolism

Ruminal dynamics of ad libitum feeding

Voluntary feedintakeanddigestibilityoffourdomestic